Unable to click and join servers

I had just bought rust to play with a friend but I am having an issue. When I click on the servers I’m not able to join them nor am I able to favorite them (I have double clicked).
I had restarted Rust, redownloaded and even downloaded it onto my brothers pc and still have no luck. I feel like it might have something to do with my router settings or my

I’m having the same issue as well. Absolutely nothing happens. I’ve opened up the console and it doesn’t read anything. Rust has access through my firewall, but I can’t seem to find an issue within my router. I newly bought the game (as I’m posting this, I purchased it yesterday). Download and install went just fine( redownloaded and reinstalled twice trying to fix the issue). Hoping for a response or a fix.

I wish we had a fix for this, but until then we have to wait :P.

I was reading other posts and there appears to be other people with the same issue. One guy fixed it by verifying his game cache. At the moment, I am testing this out, if it works I shall provide an update.

-edit- Did not seem to work for me, but you should try it yourself.

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Wait I just read the thread that I was referring to, and I saw you made a post on it. XD

Ignore the above then.