Unable to Compile

Heres the deal,

I formatted my PC a couple of days ago. I have Windows 7. The thing is I had no problems with anything when it came to Hammer and Compiling before.

I can compile a brand new map. But I can’t compile a map I had on my thumb drive from before I formatted. The compiling gets down to…

Valve-Software - vvis.exe (Nov   8 2007)
2 threads
reading c:\users\outlaw the 2nd\desktop\ms\mp1_ChozoRuinsTest.bsp
reading c:\users\outlaw the 2nd\desktop\ms\mp1_ChozoRuinsTest.prt
 608 portalclusters
2396 numportals
BasePortalVis: 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 (1)
PortalFlow:    0...1

Then both Hammer and the Compiler freeze completely.

So… help is appreciated.

Are you sure it’s not just bad optimization?

Read this, and understand it.

I’m pretty certain it can help you.

Mine freezes as well on compile on Win7 (Never on Vista), but it’s actually still compiling in the background (You can even see the processes change, Vvis…Vrad…etc). I used to use VBCT for final map compiles which didn’t give the illusion of ‘crashing’, but it broke with the latest SDK Update.

Oh yeah. This actually happens to me too (I’m using Windows 7), and sure enough the compile window freezes even though the compile is still in process. I don’t think there’s a way to solve this issue.

Yea I normally don’t use func_details. But i’ll try it. Thanks Hellsten.

Yea killermon, I didn’t know if it was actually still compiling. After I close out of it Vvis was still going. I could see it in the processes of the task manager.

EDIT: Strange thing is I was able to fully compile on Windows 7 before without it looking like it was crashing. Was it because of an update?

I can still compile and i use windows 7

Your compile window doesn’t freeze up and say “… Not responding”?

Bad optimisation.

The L4D2 hammer uses the command prompt, which doesn’t crash.

It’s possible to use the command prompt to compile for other versions too.

I’ll look for a tutorial.


Well, the compiler crashed like 10 minutes ago. vvis is still going lol.

The map isn’t big at all. It should be done by now. I don’t think it will finish.

EDIT: So I closed the vvis process. Then Vrad popped up. Then like a minute late Hammer and the Compiler unfreeze and the map is compiled sucessfully.

I can’t find that tutorial, sorry.

vvis.exe is the thing that optimises your map.

If you don’t run it, your map be horrificly optimised.

Your map did not compile successfully.

Learn to optimise your maps or you will go no where as a mapper.

Yeah my compiler freezes as well. Sometimes it even says vvis.exe has stopped working and/or vrad. It even does this on small maps that shouldn’t have any trouble compiling.

I don’t think it is my optimizing.

My problem is the same as these other guys here, it sounds.

EDIT: But I do admit, I don’t use nodraw and func_details. I am going to start using them.

Like I said, although the compiler appears to crash and comes up with ‘Not responding’, it is still compiling in the background and running fine (However it is likely Win7 will try and close the window and it assumes it crashed if you keep clicking on it.). Once compiled, it will effectively ‘un-crash’ and work normally. Mine does this, even through my map only takes about 5 mins to compile with HDR…etc, and never affects the final compile process.

If your map is taking a long time to compile, e.g. 10 minutes Vvis on a relatively small map, then yes, it does need to be optimised. Func_detail is one of the best methods to bring your Vvis compile time down. I turned a 10 minute Vvis compile on one of my older maps to about 8 seconds with Func_detail…works wonders IF used correctly ;-).


Hmm, thanks Firegod.