Unable to connect to any servers.

As the title states I am unable to connect to any server. I have no problem with lag, my steam is updated, and I still have yet to find anyone else having posted a solution to this problem. Can someone please help? This is very frustrating.

The DDOS attacks started again, it’ll all be over soon enough.

I called it a DDOS attack for simplicity reasons; the server is still being maliciously overflowed with data causing servers to be unplayable.

There is a current attack on the system that Rust uses for its servers. It is not a DDoS attack, but abuses an exploit and loophole in the server coding.

Everyone is waiting for it to be fixed and cleared up. Its been going on for a few days now.

http://playrust.com/ for more details

Not a DDoS attack.

This is likely stupid, and could get facepunch in trouble, but Im sure a loophole is somewhere in the works here, and it’s a possible solution to solve the DDoS attack and arrest the attacker:

  1. Wait until servers are being DDoS’d
  2. take the main list that is being targeted (the IP you must connect to in order to retrieve the list) and have it redirect to the FBI website
  3. Wait until the FBI site gets shut down (hell if the attack can take down hundreds and hundreds of servers then the FBI’s site might crash just as easy)
  4. When the FBI kicks down Garry’s door, explain that he isn’t the cause of the attack and thus he isn’t violating the law (correct me if I’m wrong)
  5. The FBI will get tired of the DDoS’ers shit and then trace all the botnet’s back to him and then PEW PEW MURICA.
  6. Enjoy a lag free rust while a wanted criminal was throw in jail during the process.

What I Do not understand is that there are players still on the servers. How are they on? Why can’t I at least join the server? I know they are ddosing, but wouldn’t that make it unplayable for all players and not just select people like myself?

Note that my suggestion is in substituition of the exploits in the server code

It is not a DDoS attack, for like the ten billionth time. Its a loophole in the system the providers that Rust uses.

If you are on a server and the attacks are going on, it will still list you as playing.

My friends and I were on a server constantly rubber banning, lagging, and unable to do anything but it never kicked us out. My guess would be those players are either, playing, lagging hardcore, or enjoying their own little purgatory.

Sigh. Alright, this just royally sucks. I was having so much fun with the game for the first two days of playing it then WAM these people ruin it. Thanks again for the info.

I feel your pain. I work from 3pm to 11:30pm and come home to sleep, work and do it all over again. I just got a day off today to enjoy a game with my friends and I had to wake up to this crap of people getting upset over not being able to run servers over an Alpha game they are testing, not to be editing the files and doing who knows what else.

I am very frustrated just like anyone else, but I have to wait. No use getting upset about it.

Hakuna Matata, Ill just go play some DayZ as I wait.

I work from 10 pm to 7 pm so i can understand that all too well. So DayZ, is that all it’s scrapped up to be?

Its Alpha, It’s what fun you make of it.

I enjoyed handcuffing some new peeps near Electro, forcefeeding them some rotten food, then leaving them to die in the middle of the street.

So yeah, Its what you want it to be. The game is pretty easy to get ahold of. You will get frustrated, you will get angry, and you will die. A lot.

I’m from Brazil, and when I try to find servers from Rust to play only against servers in Europe, which have very high ping, and I can not find any American or South American server, how can I solve this? please help me.