Unable to connect to servers

I am having issues connecting to servers on Rust. When I try to double click the server names nothing happens and if I try to connect through the console it says failed to connect to server. I have tried multiple servers with no success. I have tried restarting the game and disabling my firewalls, but nothing seems to work. I would appreciate any help with this problem. Thank you.

Have you tried to enable DMZ mode on your router?

What happens if you plug your modem in directly to your computer and bypass your router?

I just enabled DMZ mode and this did not fix the problem. I also have my laptop plugged in directly with an ethernet cable.

I also cant connect to servers but mine comes up with something like Failed to Connect(Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailed)

lol im getting authfailed error

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now waited limbo!?

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no admins?

hey same error… official servers are less then half full?? whats going on?

I can’t connect either, authorization is failing. Odd that he would mention dmz mode

anyone going to reply?? need to log on to server… got kicked with door open on shelter… dont want to lose 17 hours worth of gameplay

same shit here -.-

i know its alpha but i dont want to lose gear and resources

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sleeping with door wide open is epic

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idk why it didnt kick everyone… 45 ppl are still in the server im on

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i just wanna close my door :confused:

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do the admins read this?