Unable to connect to the server US3

Hi all,

why I came over to connect to the server US3 this brand " connecting to server and failled 5 time retrying in 10 seconds " whereas usually I manage to connect me !

server down

You clicked join but while downloading server went down

Is this server still down, I’m seeing 80+ people playing on it but it won’t let me connect?

I’ve been watching the server list and see 70+ constantly on there… I for one, also can not connect. So far, failed 41 times.

The server is down and frozen at 87 players online for me.

Same i have been trying all day 87 players all the time… i think its down or bugged

Same here scince about 11am this morning.

yeah same i left at about 11 - 12 and when i tried to log back in like 10 min later I couldnt connect:/ i just hope they fix all this server stuff soon.