Unable to Connect to Toybox server - 102

The title equals this thread.

I am getting an error of 102 whenever I try to go on Toybox.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

-Deleted folder
-De-fragged GMOD
-Verified GMOD

None of the attempts were successful.

The error:


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I get it as well but it comes and goes. I usually wait quite a while after starting Gmod before going into the Toybox map tab or Toybox entities/saves/weapons tab. When I open it right away, that seems to be when I get the error.

I also cannot toybox.

Yea ive had this problem all day, i thought it was just because i went to my dads place and used a different internet on my laptop. This is screwy and needs to be fixed asap.

I’m GLaD to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue…

i have the exact same thing… usually at the menu it has a little bubble that says “Toybox Authenticated” but it Dosen’t say that and spams my console with “Could not connect to Toybox [Auth Error] Retrying in 0 seconds…”

I don’t think it came from the most recent Gmod update since I had it a bit before it was released, but I think it’s just a Toybox problem to be fixed.

yea my toybox authenticated yesterday, it works again

Mine is still glitched. D:

It’s very up and down at the moment.

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I am still getting an error. I can’t connect from toybox even OUTSIDE the game…so there must be something wrong…

I just realized there are two of these posts BECAUSE ONE OF THEM GOT MOVED…I did NOT post two of the same topics in the same section…just wanted to let you guys know.

How come neither of them are in the Help/Support section? Explain that.

Look in Help and Support, Toybox has been down for a while.

It’s been down for a few downs, only a few people are managing to get through to it. I myself have not been that lucky -.-