Unable to Connect

I am having trouble connecting, recently bought this game off steam, and whenever I try to connect to a server it just says Connecting. Loading… One out of every 10 times it’ll actually load the game. Doesn’t matter what server I use. If I hit exit, I try to reconnect to the server but it doesn’t even say that it is loading.

Server could be full, when you join a server quickly hit F1 to see what error is being reported in the console window.

Hi there, press f1 and paste me what’s in your console after you’ve failed to connect to a server

Connecting to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Connecting xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
And it just hangs there forever

That’s specifically what it says? ^ Or have you ‘xxxxx’ out the IP etc?

Connecting to
Connecting to server…

does it only do that? or does it eventually say it failed

Ive seen it hanging here for up to three minutes.

Can you try inputting this directly into console


Does it work?

Still stuck on the Loading…Connecting screen as before with that command.

Restart steam/PC/Router in that order, a friend had this same issue. But it eventually fixed it self after multiple reboots of everything.

Just completed two cycles, same results.

google the model of your router and see if you can place it in DMZ mode.