Unable to facepose the Team Fortress 2 Engineer

So yeah my Team Fortress 2 Engineer model seems to be broken and doesn’t want to face pose for some reason no matter how many times I click on his face with the tool. All the other models work fine except for the red and blu engineer. What do should do about it?

the faceposer tool is broken for tf2

There is no circle for engineer. But you can, indeed facepose him. Try it.

Really? Hmm… I guess the only one broken for me is engineer. Thanks for telling me that though.

The faceposer isn’t broken. You just can’t use any of the presets. All you need to do with the engineer is make a face on another TF2 ragdoll, and click the engineers head (Left not right). If done correctly, he will be able to smile, frown, minge (lolwut) or anything you want. And if you want to facepose the pyro, dont try…

Pre-maded faces like “joker” makes the TF2 characters have a really big, false mouth.

He means there faces just spaze out when you use it, and it’s unfortunate because it would be nice to have a poser that works with TF2 Models.