unable to fingerpose "only" left fingers

i’m having a trouble with my model’s fingerposing
actually, its right fingers are posable but left fingers aren’t
i really can’t find what’s the problem help

huehue.mdl? Uses a BF3 model…

What does it look like?

Also, I have no idea why it’s not working.

Hm, I’ve noticed this happened for a couple of my models. Out of curiosity, how big are the hands on said character? Small hands are bugged for some reason (seeing as the same model in a larger size works fine)… It’s definitely a bug with Garry’s Mod’s Fingerposer Tool.

add hitboxes on the hands, that’s what’s fixed broken fingerposing for me in the past, and I have no idea why :v:

are the fingers named appropriately?
like “valvebiped.bip01_r_finger0”
and so on?

remove hitboxset default and all other hitbox entries

The compile can build it’s own, but it can’t with the hotboxset entry.

now it works thanks