Unable to Generate .nav

So, as you could guess from the title; I have recently been having an issue with generating a .nav for a map. The map is:

( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375376502 )

The steps I take are as follows…

[o] - Load Into Zs_HeadattackCity_V1 on single player
[o] - Open the console and enter “nav_generate”
[o] - Wait until it tracks stepping; this will then repeat, and my client will crash/freeze, (With onwards of 20 minutes with no response).

I have tried setting sv_cheats to 1 on a private test server, then doing it there; with absolutely nothing happening in this case.

Thanks for any feedback, if there is anything additional I may need to provide let me know.

for such a large, uneven map such as that, nav generation will take much longer than a mere twenty minutes which you’re allowing it for

Ah; I had heard from elsewhere it would take from seconds to 2-3 minutes. I guess that was laughable, I will attempt once more allowing for upwards of an hour and if the problem doesn’t persist the thread will be solved.

Thanks for the quick response.

i would guess much longer than that depending on the power of your cpu, try leaving your computer on overnight or when you’re taking a nap for it to generate

Thanks once more, apologies if I come across dumb, never really had to do anything like this; out of my comfort zone, response is once more appreciated. (Guess I’m not sleeping anytime soon).

I’ve made a few navmeshes for some massive maps, I’ve been thinking about writing a tutorial on what i’ve learned, if I don’t get around to it:

gmod will crash trying to generate meshes for massive maps, use source sdk base 2007

  1. install source sdk base 2007
  2. copy your_map.bsp to /steamapps/common/Source SDK Base 2007/sourcetest/maps
  3. open console, type “map your_map”
  4. when you’re in your level, open console again, “sv_cheats 1” “nav_edit 1”
  5. go around to anything “multi-level” buildings, sewers, ect. and look at the ground on each floor, type “nav_mark_walkable”, you should see a little purple cone indicating it’s been marked. (the navmesh generation is sometimes bad at stairs and ramps, this forces it to generate a navmesh for the whole level)
  6. once you’re sure you’ve got everywhere walkable maked, start “nav_generate”. This will take a long time, I recommend doing it over night.

Not all navmesh commands after this work in source sdk base 2007, so copy the map and navmesh back to gmod.

after the navmesh has been created (it will be automatically saved) you’ll want to look at it and potentially hand edit a few things

  1. If the navmesh is big, be super careful to only allow nextbots to walk somewhere they can get to. If you tell them to go somewhere that the navmesh doesn’t think they can get to, it’ll kill your server’s processor searching the massive navmesh trying to find a way around. This will frequently happen in doorways. You can “hook up” two areas of your navmesh by “nav_edit 1” “nav_mark” look at another area “nav_splice”. If you want to manually create areas with “nav_begin_area” “nav_end_area”, be sure to “nav_connect” it to all the things it should be connected to, (it only connects one way, so you need to do it 2 times to connect two areas to eachother.)

  2. Make sure you actually want all the parts of your navmesh, the generation will make a lot of things like jump zones in and out of windows that nextbots will try to use. It will also allow stuff to fall from great heights, and occasionally makes long connections between areas that shouldn’t be connected (especially down stairs)

  3. If it didn’t create stairs correctly (it rarely does) you can create your own stairs by creating an area and marking it as stairs with “nav_mark_attribute STAIRS”. Be sure to “nav_save” after you do, it might decide you placed stairs badly and un-mark the stairs. If you’re haveing trouble with your nextbots using small steps, make sure their step height

CLuaLocomotion:SetStepHeight attribute is set.

  1. Give a wide birth to little bits and corners of the map. “nav_mark” then where the white line is “nav_split”, if you overdo it by accident, you can “nav_merge”

  2. Remeber to “nav_save” often.

Fuck this was longer than I meant it to be.

Just spent over 12 hours with this map. Attempted to switch back to the GMod application and the client crashed. I have hereby given up and I guess I will have to use another addon, (That is not Nextbot).

I moved my gmod over into an SSD and it’s cut the creating length down (for making .nav files) to maybe 1/5 or 1/6 of what it used to be.