Unable to go full screen with a dual monitor setup.

See title. Also when i start Rust in windowed mode, the window is between the two screens.

Why would one play with two monitors?

Poor neck…

then drag it over… I had this problem but then I would just drag it over to my main screen drag the window on how big i wanted it… and then didnt change the resolution on the next start up b/c it saves it for me when i last drag to what I wanted the size too…

you play rust on your main screen, and have the rust world map on the other screen along with your ts3,vent,raidcall or whatever it might be… while crafting you can look shit up while watching your game and waiting for crafts to be over…

Yeah i know, but i’m just reporting it on the forums so that they know it’s happening.

I get what your doing, but its something that is going to be the very last thing they even worry about.

I have the same issue, as in opening in between the screens, not a biggy. What is a biggy is not being able to play in full screen on 1 of my monitors without it crashing… if the dual monitors is an issue, I could unplug one of my monitors, but I enjoy watching tv series while I play/build.

You kidding? I play with 3 monitors. It is very helpful to monitor other things while you play.

I have 3 monitors and it seems fine, always on the middle monitor.
I only play in windowed mode though because of alt+tab issues.

Launch your game in windowed mode with any resolution you want to use. If the window is at the middle of the screens, drag it on your main screen how ever you like it and join a server normally. And now, when you’re on a server, press “alt + enter” to change to fullscreen. AND you’re able to alt+tab from this now without the game crashing at all. Atleast this is working for me, not sure if it works for everybody but try this out anyways :slight_smile:

Same here.