Unable to Hear Voice Chat on Servers

I’ve had this problem for a while now and It’s starting to become a pain. Basically, I can’t hear voice chat. No sound, no voice chat box, no nothing. This problem becomes frustrating in rp servers where another player using a mic for communication becomes a big pain in the ass. On one server with voice chat enabled, I used net_graph 4 and sure as hell it was picking up some voice chat. Voice chat works on other games such as TF2, CSS, & L4D but gmod is the only game that I can’t hear voice chat. I’ve tried reinstalling gmod, validating it’s cache file, checking steam settings, reinstalling steam, fully deleting the “garrysmod” folder, sought help on the steam forums gmod page (no help there), and checking gmod’s voice settings. Now here is my only theory of what the problem may be. In the voice tab of gmod’s settings, the “Enable Voice” was checked, the Receive Slider was fully turned on but the Transmit was not. Now I’m not sure if the Transmit slider has anything to do with being able to hear others, but every time I start up gmod it resets back off. Other than that, I have no other thought of what might be causing this. Any solutions? I’ll try anything.

Do you have voice_enable set to 1? (It’s different from “Enable Voice” in the options - that’s voice_modenable)

That just might be the problem! voice_enable was set to 0. Checking if it works now…

Edit: It works! Thank you so much.

for some reason when i type, voice_enable 1, in console it changes nothing even when i edit the options after. if i change voice transit volume in options and apply and press ok and go back to options its back to 0. please help