Unable to join gameserver, DX8 Error


I recently reformatted my computer, which obviously removed all files.

After doing this, I am no longer able to join my own server, and i’ve been looking around the internet, facepunch etc to find a solution, but can’t come up with anything.

Tried forcing directx 8/8.1, 9/9.9, 11 and 12, without change.

This is the specific error:

Anyone experienced this, and / or found a fix?


simple fix.

got to steam library

right click gmod

go to properties, then to SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…

now type into the box exactly this, without the ‘’ bit ‘-dxlevel 90’

then hit ok

by doing this you are forcing gmod to run in dx9. this may make it unstable, if so go back to that launch options and delete all the things in it and hit ok :smiley:

As explained above, I have tried forcing all DX versions, without luck.

I disabled SLI and was able to join instantly, thanks though!