Unable to join multiplayer games

I can’t connect to any multiplayer servers in gmod, every time i try i get

“Account used elsewhere”

and it tells me my account is being used on another computer, with the only option being to log in.

however when i click login the window just closes and i’m returned to the main menu.

I can play any other steam game i have online without any problems, and i can play single player gmod without a problem as well. I tried restarting steam/reinstalling gmod/deleting the steam.dll file and there was no difference.

any suggestions?

Your profile is hacked? :stuck_out_tongue:

In your case I would:

GO to my e-mail and change password to it.
After that change a password on steam.
And hide like a mouse :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t click any links. + Scan your computer with some good antivirus. I would use Norton.

Or ever make a new e-mail and register steam onto it.

dude, what part of this only happens on gmod did you not understand?

clearly my account isn’t hacked since every other multiplayer game i have works perfectly

FO then if you don’t want suggestions

I had the same problem. But for me, when I tried it in CSS, it just prompted me for my Steam login info. I gave it my password, and it let me connect. Signed me out of friends for a second too, but it seems to have sorted gmod right out too. Strange.


It did seem clear that his account hadn’t been hacked. Particularely seeing as how logging into an account from somewhere else kicks the original user out of Steam. Tried it with my laptop ages ago.

Hmmm, I just tried joining a server in CSS and it let me on without asking for my login info. gmod still refuses to work though unfortunately…


never mind, I fixed it by logging out of steam, then logging back in.

not to be confused with restarting steam in case this happens to anybody else