Unable to launch Experimental from Steam, no errors

I can launch the legacy version of Rust fine from Steam, but not experimental. I can launch Experimental fine from the folder it’s installed to, but when I try to launch it from Steam, it does nothing. No errors. No windows. Nothing new showing up in taskmgr. Even without having errors, I’ve tried every fix I can find on the web for any launch related issues, and none of them have helped. Have tried reinstalling, have tried running setup for anticheat, have it set to experimental in the beta tab in Properties. Steam overlay disabled. Firewall is down.

Without being able to launch from Steam, it doesn’t seem that I"m able to see any of the official servers. I try to join one that my friend is in (via Steam), and it brings up a connection window attempting to connect to, but unable to do so.

When launching as administrator from the install folder, it will load the community servers, but not the official. It will also show my friend as being online, and if I go to the Friends tab, it will show the server I want to connect to, but the connection window just goes from connecting to disconnected immediately, and never connects.

Before the last update, I had to go through all of these same things, as I was having the exact same issue, and either one or a combination of these various tips worked, and I was able to load Experimental. Now it’s back to doing nothing, and yielding me no clues. Any suggestions?

The EAC service needs to be running in order for servers to appear.

Now there’s something, it’s stopped. I try starting it from Services, and it immediately stops again. Any particular reason it might be doing that?

EAC doesn’t run all the time, it get’s initialized and run when you launch the game from Steam, which is why the service shows Stopped.

As for why you wouldn’t be able to launch exp from Steam anymore… I’m not sure. Could be some recent change that broke it, they’re changing a lot lately. I’d give it a day or two for another update and see if that fixes it.

Still can’t launch after the update.

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Going through log files, though I’m not really sure what all of it means.

This message occurs at the end of install:
[2014-10-01 21:08:31] [AppID 252490] CAPIJobRequestUserStats - received error ‘Failure’ (2) from server

This is the message it gets every time I try to launch from Steam.
[2014-10-01 21:22:37] [AppID 252490] CAPIJobStoreUserStats::BInit() - no stats found, aborting

This is the message it throws when I try to directly join a friend, same log file:
[2014-10-01 21:24:55] [AppID 251570] CAPIJobRequestUserStats - no stats data in server response, we must be up to date

I’ve uninstalled everything right down to Steam itself and reinstalled everything. Not sure what it’s saying is out of date.

I sure would like to play this game =/