"Unable to load model"

I’ve cut the 0 from the IDST, but yet it doesnt seem to load on the mdldecompiler. Is there any fix out there?

the 0 must become a , (comma), try that.

Ok, it works, BUT: I have an error opening head.smd or something :S

Tried Hooch’s fixed Mdldecompiler?

Thanks. But i sometimes get an error with a patch or something, is it fixable?

what program are you using to import

First off, i dont know what you are trying but, you cannot simply just remove the 0, you must change it to a comma which will keep the same amount of space in memory.

In the fifth entry which I believe is 00, replace it with 2C and it will become a comma, save and it should work.

I got Hooch’s decompiler, is this really necessary? It says some shit with a patch.



What is the patch error?

Unable to load model.
The problem is not related to IDST0/IDST conversion, this is something diffrent, this is a patched version

Or something like that.

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You’re not helping.

This might sound stupid, but after changing the IDST0 to IDST, have you tried the older decompilers versions 0.41 and 0.32? I know one time I had to use an older decompiler.

I think I remember getting some “patched” error before, but an older decompiler bypassed it.

Hmm, thanks! I surely will try when i get home. Thanks for the help man.

I don’t know about the patched versions but the method I posted will work it will convert the IDST0 to IDST, just need to hex edit it and replace the fifth entry with 2C will work every time.