Unable to load Steam support Library.

Hi there, this problem has been reported by another user here on facepunch about a month and a half back, but with no response of a fix.

So the thing is that when I try to start my Garry’s Mod dedicated server I get the error message:

“Unable to load Steam support library. This server will operate in LAN mode only.”

Here is a picture of it:


I have tried the following:

  • Start the server with my firewall off.
  • Start the server with my router’s firewall off.
  • Start the server with my and my router’s firewalls off.
  • A fresh installation of the server. (as you can see in the image, there isn’t still a server.cfg file).

But sadly none of those work. Does any one know a fix to this?

I install my server with the hldsupdatetool.exe from Valve, not a unofficial server downloader or server pack like you see on the internet.

Any help is appreciated.

So I waited a while and it now works, with no updating or file changing. Maybe the Valve servers were busy.