Unable to log into any server.

Last night a few friends and I were playing. All of the sudden we were teleported somewhere and ever since then I have not been able to log into any server. I just sit on the screen after everything has been loaded, and nothing happens? Any ideas. I play on US East II, but have tried other servers and the same thing happens. Thank you.

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This is what happens.

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OK, try a few more, and was able to get into Central server, but then same thing happened, teleported then froze. Seems east coast are down?

Can’t join any of the servers at all.

Exact same thing here

Something is most likely glitched serverside so all we can really do is wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Been waiting for 3 days already.And no info about anything,yet.

try different server, the one you try to join can be offline

Tried every server - same shit.

Every server as well must be down for a update or something

The thing is, we tried every server; same problem.

Now all of the servers can’t be offline other wise more people would be complaining.

They’re working on the steam release I’m assuming so the servers aren’t their first priority, but yes it would be nice for them to say something about it.

They should of created a site that shows the current status of the servers that automatically refreshes every 20 sec’s or so.

I still get Unity crashed an any server on my Mac Pro with AMD graphic card…


… even if I use Windows 7 on the machine (Bootcamp).

But on my much slower MacBook Pro with Nvidia graphics card and only 8 GB RAM it works fine if I use Windows 7 on that machine (Bootcamp)… but also crashes in OSX Mavericks 10.9.