Unable to login to the site

Hello, I have a problem with the site, I am trying to login through Steam, but I get this. The account has a Garry’s mod, and has existed for over 2 years. I can’t figure out, I got in the queue, or is this an error?

Maybe scroll down a bit and try reading idk


Hey OP, don’t be selfish and see other people that posted the same thing before you, you gotta wait in line.

I’ve owned Garry’s Mod for 5 years, but I still have to wait 22 days. The only thing that determines how far you are in the queue is how successful your Garry’s Mod and HL:A addons are. To answer your question, you did get in the queue and it is not an error.

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I’ve got a similar problem as OP. Is this normal? Should I just wait those 20-30 minutes?obraz

Show off :rofl:

Well, showing off wasn’t my main goal :v