Unable to pick up dropped weapons

Hello, on my server I have a problem with my weapons. I have 2 weapon packs on my server, FA:S and CSS.

I’ve had the CSS pack for about 5 months now, and recently I decided to add a FA:S pack.

Now, the sipments work perfectly and you can aquire the weapon that way, however, if you try to drop it using /drop, you won’t be able to pick it up again. The guns worked with the CSS weapon pack, and ever since we added the FA:S they both don’t work. Is there any way to fix this? Or was it because of a darkrp update? I appreciate any responses, thank you.

I only have a few basic examples for Weapon pickup… Changes are DarkRP doesn’t let you pick up the weapon if you never added the weapon or shipment ( I’m not an expert on DarkRP so this may be incorrect; people in the DarkRP mega-thread may know more )…

The hook is PlayerCanPickupWeapon, so an addon could be messing with it, DarkRP could be controlling it, or something else is happening ( such as Collision Type may be set to something which won’t let the player trigger it )…



Are you a developer, or just installing addons? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just want to know what kind of advice to give you :slight_smile: