Unable to pocket weapons shipments and money printers (DarkRP)

I have installed the M9K weapons and custom money printers. But for some reason I cannot pocket either one. I get the message “You cannot put this in your pocket!” when trying to pick them up. I have already gone into my settings.lua file to try and change the values on the pocket blacklist set. This is what it looks like

GM.Config.PocketBlacklist = {
[“fadmin_jail”] = true,
[“meteor”] = true,
[“door”] = true,
[“func_”] = true,
[“player”] = true,
[“beam”] = true,
[“worldspawn”] = false,
[“env_”] = true,
[“path_”] = true,
[“prop_physics”] = true,
[“money_printer”] = false,
[“gunlab”] = true,

I can pocket props if I set prop_physics to false but no matter what I change the value to for money_printer and worldspawn, I am still unable to pick up printers and shipments. If anyone has had this issue please help me.

Go to darkrp-modification in addons folder and there in config and change it there. if u have 2.5 darkrp

Can you be more specific? I have already gone to my settings.lua file in darkrp-modification and it did nothing.

try changing the config in darkrp gamemode files to same

I did, it still didn’t do anything. I also uninstalled ULX, reinstalled DarkRP and tried it with different money printers. Still nothing

ulx doesnt affect that in any way. i have no idea then o.o

Ok, I figured it out. In “Utilities” if you uncheck the box “People can grav gun world entities” it disables your pocket. So I guess the pocket acts like an invisible gravity gun. Nice to know.