Unable to receive mail/info

Okay so I registered an account together with my key, and everything looks okay. But here comes the problem, I don’t receive any mail at all. No confirmation no account info nothing. When I try registering again with the same e-mail it says that my email has already been used. And when I try with a different e-mail, but the same key it says that my key has already been used. Is this just a delay in the system, or have I done something wrong?

The site I used to register my code and account info was: http://old.playrust.com/user/register/

All answers is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Can you log in with your account on old.playrust.com now? If not, do a password reset. Check your spam filter as well.

Once you can log in, click “steam key” at the top. Take this key and activate it on Steam, and you’re done.

Well, the problem is that i have no account to log in with (password). When I press the reset password button, it says that I have already requested one or something like that. However it seems like the account is there but I don’t receive any confirmation or mail at all…

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Any solutions on this yet? Any answers will be appreciated! :slight_smile:


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How did you get your key, by the way? I’m not accusing you of scamming or anything, but depending on the origin of your key it may not be valid anymore, and that could be the problem.