Unable to see the server list?

Alright so you know that list that when you press “Play Multiplayer” that pops up? Yeah, that’s no longer showing up for me, it was working fine until I think it was that update to the source engine, not sure.

I have even tried a clean install of Garry’s Mod with no avail so I’m not sure what the problem is. Yes, I’ve verified the games cache, and yes I (legally) own the game. I can join servers, I can see my recent history, I can even see my favorite servers + the servers my friends are playing on; Just not the master server list.

Any help would be appreciated, that or cookies. If you need any other information just ask. Oh, and to get rid of alot of possible stupid questions, here’s a screenshot:


TL;DR version: The master server list is not showing up.

bump, still having the same issue, any ideas?

Im having the exact same issue as well dude :(. someone gave me some advice as a work around to the problem. google gmod servers and copy the ip. then go to the command box thing (lol) and type connect (server ip) then press enter :). you can also go onto view > servers just while running steam and connect from there. i have no idea what the problem is :frowning: hopefully the next update will fix it? try this… for now :slight_smile: