"Unable to shade poloygons normals" - I own the game

I just got the game yesterday and let it download the whole night. Today when i woke up, it said “Unable to shade poloygons normals”. I do have the reciept and i do own the game as of yesterday. If you guys dont believe me here:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Awesomeslayer2010g

Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks!

Yeah, you should remember to [h2]buy the game[/h2]

I see you have the game on your list but you don’t have any playtime. The error only happens for pirates. Have you had a pirated GMod before or another pirated Steam game that could corrupt something? also that may be a bad idea to answer.

-snip- Bad reading.

Pirate alert! But seriously, you HAVE garrysmod on your steam account. It should work, unless you ran some patched steam or something. Try to get a clean copy of steam (dont remove steamapps if you don’t want to). Also be SUUUUURE you dont use any cracked steam game and then try to launch gmod. It will not work due to DRM. Else it can be just a bug, everyone makes mistakes jeez.

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Here it is.

Add this to your profile to confirm you are the owner:


Done :slight_smile:

It works now! Thanks guys! And Thank you Jack for the help

you know if he had just recently bought the game and it has been doing it since the beginning, you shouldnt instantly call him a pirate. he cant have any playtime.

When you start up the game a bunch of times even when broken, Steam recognizes that you’re playing the game for just up to a minute or so. On his Steam profile, it would say that he had played Garry’s Mod for 0.1 hours the last 2 weeks.

He seems to have fixed the problem now, waiting for him to report back.

True that.

If the problem still hasn’t been fixed: Have you pirated the game in the past? You should answer truthfully if you want help.

Might want to edit that, admitting you pirated is a bannable offense here


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Again it works thanks all.