Unable to shade polygon normals?

I started having this error today, “unable to shade polygon normals” and I researched it online only to find out this has something to do with pirating Gary’s mod. Odd, I remember spending $10 to buy it.

If there hadn’t been a fix on garrysmod.org It wouldn’t be working right now.

Not cool, Gary. I payed for it. Not cool at all. :rolleyes:

Let’s consider the following:
1: Can you provide a link to your steam profile?
2: Can you edit said profile with something such as “Hi Facepunch!”?
If you can complete those, you have a legit copy of Garry’s Mod. As far as we know.

Um, yep. And you do know you can’t download form garrysmod.org without a steam account, right?

As for my profile, there’s nothing there. I don’t even know if this is the public link to it. I don’t play online, and current budgetary and hard drive constraints don’t permit me to buy any newly released games. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994848266/home

I updated steam client and Gmod last night and there’s no issues.

So, yeah, I bought Gmod and Gary called me a pirate.

I remember some other players having similar issues, have you been using any steam cracks for any other games you usually can only play on steam?

Garry’s mod and half life 2, are the only steam games I have. And I don’t even want half life 2 because it makes me sick every time I try to play it.

It’s working and fully up to date now, so I don’t know what the problem was. But this was ridiculous.

You usually end up with errors like this if you’ve had a pirated GMod / Steam game a while ago. You don’t get these errors for no reason, the other threads with the people having this problem were usually found to be using cracked Steam games of some sort.

That might be possible seeing as I bought my gaming laptop off of ebay. The guy didn’t reinstall windows 7 before he sent it and I don’t want to go back to windows vista.

I don’t know. I payed for my games. My conscience is clear.

When I first bought gmod with css bundle on my new account I also have this problem. I ended up buying all major source games and that fixed the problem.

The fun never ends. Now after the update all of the mass effect mods I have are showing pink checkered patterns :suicide:

I am not buying all their games. I cite poverty as a reason. And I don’t want the games anyway.

you pirated gmod thats not a real error its an anti piracy measure you got caught in 4k

Bro, it isn’t 2012 anymore.

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did you just necro a 9 year old post