Unable to shade polygons normals.

So today I purchased the TF2 and Garry’s Mod pack off of Steam.
After waiting 3 hours for the two to download and install, I tried launching GMod.

It took around 15 minutes to load and as I got to the main menu, I got a message saying “Unable to shade polygons normals”.
I did a quick Google search on the problem and it appears to be a common problem for those who pirated the game.
I can assure you I have not pirated it, this is my Steam games list to prove it: http://steamcommunity.com/id/poochunx/games?tab=all

After seeing it, I tried closing GMod and restarting it, but this time I didn’t get the error.
Was it perhaps just a glitch?
What can I do?

Could you write something such as “Hi Facepunch” on your Steam profile?

Sure. I’ve never done it before, so would you mind please explaining how?
I posted a comment if that’s what you mean.

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Have you ever used any form of Steam crack?

I haven’t but the PC I’m using is second hand.
The Steam account however, was created by me.

Replace steam.exe with a fresh copy. Rename the garrysmod folder so as a new one is created.

I’ve renamed the folder, but how would I go about replacing steam.exe without having to reinstall everything.

Just restart steam and your computer. Re-validate gmod

Sorry for all the nooby questions, but how do I “re-validate” GMod?

Verify integrity

That I have done.

So what now?

It could be that your internet went down the second that the game did it’s “phone-home” routine, and therefore the packet never got sent to the Toybox server for verification.

If it’s not happening anymore then you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Hopefully that’s it :slight_smile:
I notice when I start GMod now it says something about Toybox being activated or something.

I’ve been reading on it a bit more and apparently those who get this error get banned.
I’m screwed aren’t I?

I’ve seen posts before where people have gotten this error despite having a legal copy of the game.

I would think that you’re safe.

No, it just prevents the game from starting up.
Try Cleanly reinstalling steam