Unable To Store Vector() Correctly in JSON.

Hello, I am DrFineSir, as you already might know by my username :expressionless: But anyways I have some troubles when trying to store Vector() in a JSON file. Everytime it turns out wrong. Heres my codeL:

if SERVER then
  --FUNCTION 1.3 Final Do Not Touch. (Developer Note)

  TeleportsBase = {
base = util.TableToJSON( TeleportsBase )
  print("[ADMINTP]Checking For The Required Admin Teleports Folder.")
  if file.Exists( "adminteleports", "DATA" ) == false then
    file.Write( "adminteleports/adminteleports.txt", base )
    print("[ADMINTP]Failed To Have The Required Folder + File.")
    print("[ADMINTP]Folder + File Created Automaticly.")
    if file.Exists("adminteleports/adminteleports.txt", "DATA") == false then
      print("[ADMINTP]Failed To Have adminteleports.txt File, Creating Now!")
      file.Write( "adminteleports/adminteleports.txt", base )
      print("[ADMINTP]You Have All Required Admin Teleport Files. Enjoy!")

And my JSON file holds this :

["[0 0 0]"]

Any way to fix this.
Also don’t ask what i’m am doing please, I know its weird but its my method. Yeah I know its stupid…