Unable to update Effects without re-creating

I’m just having a problem where I am unable to update an effect outside of it’s Initializing because the data being passed to it is only in the init.
The process occuring is:

  1. Script creates the effect with the position i want
  2. Effect creates an emitter that emits particles at that position
  3. – Here’s where the problem is, i can’t get the position i want again into the think hook, without re-creating the effect, and if i managed to get the data into the think hook it would just be that one position

Basic gist of what i’m getting at is i want to Create one effect that creates one emitter that has a position which is constantly updated from an outside script, instead of having to create the effect every think and have it make multiple particle emitters leading to the eventual too many emitters when i have too many effects being called.
Please help