Unable to update Workshop Icon

Hi all, On my workshop page, I have setup an Icon for use with the item, but now I want to update it to reflect the update. The addon in Question is this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=331192490

I can update the Addon just fine when I use the command "gmpublish.exe update -addon “G:\Props\Workshop Manage\BuildingsPack\addon.gma” -id “331192490” -changes “Created something new” "

The files will update and the Addon will see it’s new files successfully, though if I try to issue the Command

"gmpublish.exe update -icon “G:\Props\Workshop Manage\BuildingsPack\icon.jpg” -id “331192490” "

I get an error "Error opening addon (Does the file exist?)

I essentially copied the official command from the Wiki and just set it up to reflect my setup. Was the command changed that no one was aware about or do I have to completely remove my Addon and reupload it entirely?

Before you tell me to do a search, I did, and the forum search is busted and no use. Please help. blah

The -icon command like parameter is only available in the Dev branch / next update.

Huh. I see. Think there another way of updating it? I obviously didn’t know the Icon was a one shot thing…

Wait for next update or temporarily switch to dev branch ( about 50 MB download total, including switching back. )

Okay, Gotcha. Thanks! That solved my Problem.
I wonder why they have documentation already available. probably didn’t realize it maybe.

Because the next update is released soon and I didn’t bother documenting the old method.