Unable to use custom gamemodes

I just noticed this today when trying to play Omnivora, the only gamemodes I have are Sandbox, Half-life 2 and Half-life 2 Deathmatch. I don’t know if this is garry playing around again, but it’s never bothered me before since I only play sandbox in singleplayer, but why can’t I use them? Do I have to start a LAN server?

When you start a single player game their are options to change the game mode, sandbox, melonracer…

Also, the gamemode must be installed in your garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes too, not one you downloaded from a dedicated server.

Sounds like you already know this, but I couldn’t tell.

Actually, the gamemodes I installed were in addon format, but thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah, I know I can’t use gamemodes that I download from servers >.>

And by “addon” format you meant gamemode format right?

They need to be in the gamemodes folder.
Again, just checking.

Damnit. I’ve done something wrong then D:

When I downloaded Mahalis’ Omnivora addon, I didn’t see a /gamemodes folder, but since there was a .txt, I stuck it all in /addons.

Redownloading, thanks.

Argh, I’m a fucking idiot. Didn’t know /gamemodes had a .txt as well >.<