Unable to use the "action bar"


I’m playing on my MacBook. I’m having no lag issues, everythings runs smooth. The only problem that I’m facing is: i can’t use my action bar. With other words, I can’t even use my rock to start with.

Any suggestions to solve this?




Sounds like ghosting, server desync or some such. bring up the console (F1) are there any red messages in there?

Nope, no red messages at all. I think the problem is that I’m not having an external num pad. I have to use shift+1234… to write any numbers on a macbook. I tried to remap my keyboard controls (shift+123… > 123…) (with external software) without any success.

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So basically if there’s any way to change the controls of the action bar, so that I could change them to the letters TYUIOP for example, that would possibly be the solution I think.

With my laptop it wont let me move my head until i press ANY two keys on the keybord first. evein wen i go to put items into the fire it wont let me press the open menu the mouse just looks up. i have to press “W” and Cruch to unstick it. mabe you have a slimler prob. i think its down to the sticky keys or some shit not realy lookd into it as my game will only run at 5fps lol so iv not bothered.
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I tried out some key combinations, without any success. Thanks for the help nonetheless.

P.S.: My “e” button works. I can drop something and pick it up. The only buttons that don’t work are my 123456 buttons. (and are kinda essential to play the game…)

And you defo have not got number lock on? if not try uninstalling the drivers for your keybord and reinstalling them

Open up rust and in the launcher there should be a keybindings option. Change them to something else.

I can’t change the keybindings of the 123456 buttons. Thanks for the help anyway.

Change your keyboard layout to a language with a normal number layout (standard english should work)