unable to view textures and some models in a map

yesterday i was playing RP_EvoCity_v2d and i could see everything perfectly, today when i loaded gmod it wasn’t like that, lots of missing textures and models, i reloaded gmod about 5 times, and it didn’t fix the problem, help?

Clear your cache, that should fix it. Also, does it work on other maps?

, ive got no clue what the models actually are called, so ive never loaded them in another map, and ive deleted my cache but it didn’t seem to work EDIT: i just deleted my garrysmod folder(the second one) and im redownloading everything, ill say if it works than EDIT, nope didnt work, still need help :expressionless:

FIXED sorry for double post this post was originally somthing else but uh, yeah…fixed =D