Uname - Keep a name different than your Steam nickname across servers.

Does not require ULib/ULX.
Clientside only.

Allows you to keep a name different than your Steam nickname across servers.

Once connected to a server for the first time, type “Uname <new_name>”
Your name will change to <new_name>.
That name will follow you to the next server.
If you ever want to change it to something else, use the same command.

If you want to go back to your steam id, you can type it using Uname, or use UnameClear and reconnect.

Unzip into your Garrysmod Addons folder
Should end up looking like;

Known issue:
When you join a server, players will first see your steam name.
No known workaround for this.
Your name will change to your Uname right as you spawn.

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RE: SetInfo
Yes, there is a known command to change a name while connected on a server without changing your steam ID. Yes, this lua script uses that.
However, this goes several steps farther, and remembers and changes to the name between server connections.

RE: Roleplay vs Roleplay Hate
Get over it. This script wasn’t written for that.
Personally, I have enough drama in real life to not have to roleplay.
However, yes, this could be handy for the old “jobs must be in names” scripts.

Version 1.1 Changes
*- Now monitors manual/script name changes.
If another script changes your name, or you manually do it through setinfo, Uname now records it.
*- Auto complete now shows last name changed from while on a server.
If you change your name while on a server, AutoComplete remembers this last name if you want to change back before leaving. (Only the latest name)
*- Better handling of names with spaces.
Though you should still use quotes, Uname attempts to figure out what you typed past the first word and use it.
*- Easier handling of names with non-alphanumeric characters
The autocomplete will show what you are typing with quotes. Hit your down arrow, and Uname will place quotes around what you’ve typed for you.
This should help those using …() and other character that Source tries to interpret as code and mangles if you don’t use quotes.
*- Corrected(?) bug where some names with various combinations of non-alphanumeric characters failed.
*- General code cleanup/error checking. (Warns on character limit, No name given, and same name entry)

Go get it!!

Good idea, people are really pissed at not being able to change their name.

Whenever I need to differentiate from my Steam Friends name, I’ll look you up.

This’ll be great for all the RP servers who don’t want people using “xXxK1ll3®xXx” in their names.

setinfo name "<name here>"



Yeah, but he used Lua, and thus is a genius.


…anyways, I guess it beats typing the command in every time you join a server. You could just bind it though.

Shs, the whole idea of creating this was that so people wouldn’t have to use the command every server.
Sure, a bind works, if you want to use the same name every single time.
I liked my method because it is closer to the old ‘name’ command. :slight_smile:


I hate the idea that people actually rename themselves for certain gamemodes, because your name should be good enough for everything, and RP servers shouldn’t have the shit rule that you need to rename yourself. I seriously hate that rule.

Mixed opinions here i personally like that rule Hello killer"&%$*£ would you like a Cup of coffee

Don’t go on RP servers then. If you can’t accept a gamemode tradition or server rule, you shouldn’t be playing it.

You don’t NEED to change it, but it adds to the ROLEPLAY. I don’t think some on in reallife(Which is what you “do” in RP) would have the name

There’s a reason Garry made it use your Steam name. You shouldn’t be exploiting it.

If you have a such a name as you suggest, you shouldn’t be playing Garry’s Mod because you’re just 11 years old. Come on, I really would like to atleast try Roleplay fully, because there are so many servers of it, but I will never change my name because of it.

Realism != fun

Writing a Lua script for something isn’t “exploiting”. If it was, Garry would have never put in Lua.

Ah yes, and that’s why the game “Ninjabread Man” is one of the best games ever while games like “The Sims” almost put the company out of business. :rolleye:

I’m not talking about the Lua script specifically. Garry disabled the “name” command. Using setinfo to get around it is exploiting.

He didn’t disable the name command valve did (and it’s not disabled it’s overridden by the steam friends stuff). I don’t see the problem why would you make a big deal about.

Then RP isn’t for you.

This isn’t a RolePlay vs RolePlay-hater thread.
It wasn’t written for RolePlay.
It was written for anyone who didn’t want to switch out of Gmod to change their name, and didn’t want to have to type setinfo every server.

To be quite honest, I didn’t write this for the RP crowd. Don’t rate this on that if that is why you disagreed. I never even thought about the RP crowd when I wrote it.
I wrote it because I often have fun with my name in Gmod.
Example; I spent 30 minutes debugging this code because of a stupid syntax error.
I placed a semicolon instead of a colon in one of the commands. I told a friend (MrPresident) and while telling about it I told him I saw the error.
I then joined his server using the name “SyntaxDork”. He instantly knew why I was using that name. We had a good laugh.