Unamed L4D comic : Prologue.

It takes place in the Left 4 Dead universe 1 week after infection on the eastern coast. (Which is before L4D and L4D2 take place.)

Story so far:
Delta-force operatives have been called in to raid a small research facility near the original outbreak zone and so far the mission went well. As they are heading home on a Ch-47, something very bad happens…

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My only complaint:

Why is the Asian guy named Chang?

Because naming him Wellington wouldn’t make sense.

That’s actually a tough choice, choosing between the only two names that exist.

Just 'cause he’s Asian doesn’t mean he has to have an Asian name. Why not Bruce, Marcus, or Ned?


I edited it out of the OP, but I said that I was going to do this completely improv.

Make it longer and then we can think more about it.

But of course. That was just a prologue to set the stage so to speak.

So far, so good, keep it up.

The next one might take a while to make, since I’ll have to do the editing all by myself and don’t have the time to learn how to edit properly. But I assure you all that it will make a whole lot more sense.

Everything was great, except it was a little boring.

Yeah ,I’m working on it, but gm_mount2 fucked up after the last GMOD update.