Unarmed PMC watching the sun go down...


I’m baaaack~ C&C please :3


Is that Havana? I hate that maps skybox. :<

Hmm…does this model’s head capable of turning at least a full 45 degrees?? the CoD models I have are stiff-headed, and can’t move…you should add some bloom

Model reminds me of SMOD: Tactical

Try welding a small prop to their head, unfreezing their head, and rotating the prop.

hey thanks! it worked! now for my next work!

Peaceful is a fine line between boring. Nice.

Thanks J :3

Look at the Rorschach painting on the back of his pants.

Or just use this:

It lets you rotate any object/ragdoll bone to any direction as much as you want, even past the ragdoll limits.