I can’t play cause when starting it, it tells me it’s “currently unavailiable”

restart steam

won’t let me play, even from the desktop.
and how do I “reset” it?

Did you buy it?

that’s a silly question, OF COURSE I BOUGHT IT!!!

To restart steam, click File -> Exit. Then launch steam again.

says there are steam aplications running, yet I can’t find any that are running


okaaay I’d need info on HOW!!!
and it’s hl2 lost coast that won’t go away.

When someone says reboot, they mean the computer itself.

To turn off any steam related programs that are preventing you from restarting steam, click CTRL+ALT+DELETE at the same time. Go to the Processes tab. Find any “hl2.exe”. Highlight it, then click “End process”.

If it says “warning it might fuck something up!!” just click Yes.