Unban my best friend (and building mate)

Im afraid my friend has been wronguflly banned due to an error in garrysmod.orgs file handling system.
you see when he was uploading a file to garrysmod.org his internet connection began to act up so he clicked refresh in mid upload
the server interpreted this as a re upload and promptly banned him
his ID is: STEAM_0:0:26944610

notice the two identical files were uploaded 139 days ago BUT the file sizes are completely diffrent

this is our converstion about the subject

the best gift you can give for xmas him is the gift of vindication from wrongfull conviction


Don’t bet on it, very rarely there are garrysmod.org ban appeals.

I’ve already told your friend many times on his last thread that Garry will ignore these kind of threads, and will not unban people.

Re-buy Garry’s Mod. Sorry to hear that you were being dumb and got yourself banned.

a gmod ban is ironclad eh?

even when its a mistake

something about that kinda makes me feel insecure about uploading anything

I think you should post a thread asking Garry to unban you.
YW if this helpered you!

I really don’t know what the hell you’ve just said.

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It’s technically his fault for not being patient.

well you see earlier this year he told me he moved to a more rural area in alabama
and there is only one ISP out there and its a dial up

he once told me it took him three days to update l4d2

he never plays multiplayer anymore
and he cant watch youtube videos
usually takes them 30min to one hour to buffer (thats for a regualr 1 minute vid)

he says hes waiting untill comcast comes to the area next year

i feel really bad seeing him in this state
he used to make the best wire boats complete with Knot gauges fuel, gps

What the hell? Why would garrysmod.org ban for reuploading? I don’t even see how anyone can defend garrysmod.org

Sure reuploading could not be allowed, but I don’t see any reason why your SteamID should be perm banned.

The files size that’s why. And please don’t rate yourself agree to make you look smart.

What’s wrong with different filesizes?

the file sizes are diffrent because the smaller one is an incomplete upload

Agreeing with yourself doesn’t make you look smart. Makes you look pathetic.

Calling people out on rating themselves doesn’t prove a point, it just spams up threads.

Caring about ratings doesn’t make you look smart. Makes you look desperate.

I’d rather say it makes you look oversensitive.

I doubt he will get unbanned, as far as i know Garry pretty much ignores anything about garrysmod.org.

So It seems that Garry doesn’t care if somebody got banned and deserved (did something to get banned) it or if it was a mistake (got banned due to a error with the ban bot) .