Unban :P

I got banned from vac because I switched one file.
I was download cheat for all blueprints but it did not work and I got banned from vac. I know it was stupid and please unban :tinfoil:
My nick in steam Dyzio554

(User was permabanned for this post ("utt + cheater" - Orkel))

Buy the game again and play legit this time . cya :suicide:

VAC bans are permanent, you can not get unbanned by contacting Facepunch. You changed a file and that is why you got banned. Start a new account, buy RUST again & do not cheat.

Have a nice day.

no unbans here send a ticket to steam

You were warned.

Fortunately he’s from a poor country. I doubt he will re-buy the game.

No their not going to fucking unban you! You just admitted to cheating and facepunch can’t do anything about it!