Unban Request From The SBox Discord

Hey there, my Discord is Albino#4065 and I got pretty well instantly banned from the Discord after sending this post:

Just going back a bit https://files.facepunch.com/conna/1b1311b1/jAU5dj7kAm.mp4 Hover’s predicted projectiles w/ lag compensation works great atm for any kind of projectile that is deterministic-ish. What I’m gonna try to do is clean this up a bit, make it a bit more generic (and extendable) and throw something into the base addon for projectiles at least as an example but would be good for most cases. What I want to do is improve it a little bit so there’s very little to none delay in the actual registration of hits by having the server sort of fast-forward a little to cater for the network delay. At the moment, lag compensation works great and hits register as you would expect (if you see it hit, it will hit) but the actual hit will be slightly delayed so you might see the hit marker or the enemy die slightly later (but at least they will be hit and die.)

This quote is from Conna (I believe), in which I attempted to post in a text document that I hold information of as SBox progresses and accidentally sent into the #dev-general channel. Without time to delete it I was banned. I am pretty incredulous at the speed I was banned, and without anyone contacting me. I severely hope I do not lose SBox access due to this minor situation. Thanks!

My apologies for any bad formatting, as this is my first time using the Facepunch forums.


You don’t look like a person who did this maliciously, I hope you will be excused :+1:


Yeah this looks like a misunderstanding, hope you get unbanned


Did something happen before that? It seems strange that you get banned for a single message, unless you were doing something else before, especially since you can’t know the reason behind Discord bans, maybe it was for something else.
I can’t check what you said when you got banned because the messages are gone, but judging by what people were saying I think there’s more to this story which you need to tell to give everyone a clearer picture.


I had seen through a friend that people used my ban to start accusing me of things I did. Its kind of saddening to see people accusing me of transphobia, when no such instance occurred. I had heated conversations, but everything I have ever started talking about has always been for help or constructive criticism. It’s a sad fact that when asking for help, people will criticize you for your idea, and not walk along side to help you.

Also I didn’t know why they deemed it necessary to ban me and delete all of my messages along with it, as it just leads to confusion, such as what you replied with.

The image is the conversation after I was banned, showing I was banned for shitposting, which doesn’t make sense in my opinion.


I don’t see why you’re going on a rant here, didn’t you say you were banned for misclicking? You’re just adding a ton of details that weren’t in your original post. Do we even know what the real reason was? Do YOU even know what it was?


You make 0 sense here. You asked for more info yet you accuse me of making up/leaving out facts. Kinda seems like you insinuated this. It even says from a dev my reason for a ban.


Well either way it seems clear the devs don’t intend to unban you, at least not with that attitude.

Instead of getting angry at people asking for more info on the reasons you clearly purposefully left out in the original post, you should be apologizing, and not for bad formatting, but for (allegedly) shitposting in dev chat while others were trying to have serious conversations and (allegedly) being all kinds of X-Phobic.


Im angry at no one, and I don’t intend to be angry on the internet. As I said, the screenshot was through a friend and when the devs banned me they sadly deleted all of my messages, so definitive proof isn’t something I have access to.

Transphobia wasn’t accused by the dev himself, but by a user that I do not know. I have no reason to apologize for something I didnt do.