Unban Request

I was playing on rust a few days ago and I was collecting sulphur and metal ores from rocks and my game kept crashing so I kept logging back in. When I get back in it was night so I see a partially built base with a camp fire in so I light it and wait for day to move so I can see where I’m heading as I’m far from base and I come back to my PC and I’m now banned. I have never hacked or glitched and I cannot see any reason why I was banned for sitting by a camp fire unless the house was owned by a hacker and I was banned for being in it. A response would be appreciated.

Did you get an official alpha key or just enter six random digits to get in?

considering when that was in place garry specifically told us to just hit random numbers that wouldnt be the cause bud

I read the title as Urban Request, hah!

I am ‘connection banned’. Haven’t hacked or used any glitches or anything like that, just played the game and when I logged back in I was ‘connection banned’.

Yes I have that problem too. It’s annoying as it’s a great game to play but I can’t as I am banned for no reason.

You don’t get banned for no reason. There is always a reason.
Weather it’s a mistake they made during the 1.500 player ban wave or you hacked.
You most likely got your self banned. Mistakes can happen, but i really doubt it.

Great… Now you made me read the same everytime i see this title =)