Unban Request

hi my steam name is devil .
just got on this morning to find out ive been vac banned apparently for cheating lol
well i dont cheat and this is bolony lol
any help would be appreciated

Is there an uptick in hackers or are the trolls out to play. If you are sincere in this post then you are a hacker. Period. VAC bans on gamefile modifications or runtime injections. So you hacked. VAC is a steam tool not a facepunch tool so you can’t get help here. Contact Steam, although you won’t get anywhere. Steam has a Zero-tolerance policy and will not lift a VAC ban for any reason. You will have to create another steam account and re-buy the game.

Well … It is VAC! so facepunch cant help you with that! get in contact with Steam…

but u cheated so u wont get unbanned by steam

yay another ban post!

I was wondering where they were…

I hope you leave forever and go hack in another game

c u bro

You must’ve injected something in the dll, else you’d not be banned.

Cheater or not, this forum will not get you anywhere.

Contact Steam (if you know you’ve cheated, then don’t even try)

Good luck spending another 18 for a new copy !

Dood…you are about to get forum raped!
If I were you? I’d get the F out now while you can.

Why are you even here if you think you were unfairly banned, contact valve. Facepunch has nothing to do with VAC.

Very interesting that a hacker/cheater that you were complaining about 3 wks ago, just got VAC banned yesterday too:



that sure is quite a coincidence…

Unban Request:


Thanks for playing, go buy it again on another account, you cheated it away the first time. Just for shits and giggles though, go ahead and show us your steam profile.

lol i love this forum .

Then why don’t you marry it?

btw iam no hacker

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i hate hackers, ruin the game for everyone

So you hate yourself ?

Post your steam profile, our group of highly [sp]un[/sp]skilled detectives will do their thing.

From my experience, best way to kill the romance… :frowning:

This isn’t going to convince us.

Post your Steam profile.

You’ll probably be unbanned, VAC must’ve been mistaken.

You might also get a free trip to Spain all included.

Come on guys get some proof, I’m almost done laughing from the previous ban thread!

I would love to, but where do I buy rings?

Then why did you use 3rd party software while playing rust? Just be honest because VAC is not going to reverse the ban.

I do enjoy the fact that so many people jump all over the hackers on this forum. Personally you paid the price and will now have to buy the game again plus hackers are just people too terribad to play legit in the first place. A good amount of hackers are in it for the griefing so why do so many people here feed into that mindset with butthurt?