Unbanned players cannot connect to server!

Hello, so some rare cases of unbanned players, when joining my server get: “Connection failed after ___ tries”, however when making an alternate account they can join 100% ok.
Any help?

Admin Mods we use: ULX and FAdmin

ULX doesn’t stall connection. I guess the CheckPassword hook could be taking too long to check for bans.

How would I go about fixing this?

If that’s the issue, ULX is taking too long to read the database or file (whichever method it uses). Try emptying it.

Will do, thanks!

I don’t think FADMIN is compatible with ULX. I’ve had issues with that before on a darkrp server. I would say to do what code_gs said, empty the database/data file.

Would I remove just the ULX ban list database?

Disable one of the administration tools (ULX or FAdmin)

Then try to unban.