Unbearable FPS lag

Hello, I’ve just purchased the game on steam and as soon as i loaded up the game on lowest settings (fastest) I experienced TERRIBLE ingame lag (like 10 fps) i can barely walk around the map and
this happens on any server i go on. This should not be happening considering i have decently good specs on my laptop:
-Intel core i7-3630QM
-Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M/ 2GB GDDR5
-1920x1080 resolution
-DDR3 8GB ram

I can run any other game i play perfectly fine (CS:GO, bf3, DayZ, crysis, etc.)
And i feel as though with the specs i have i should be able to run rust with ease but i guess not.

I’ve tried lots of things like changing resolution, switching out render and graphics quality, and other things but nothing helps.

Is there a known problem with fps issues since this is just an alpha game?
Has anyone had this problem?
Help? Thanks.!

Laptops seem to have issues with playing. Please post your specs here as it has become the official thread for “Can I run this/Why will this not run?”

you have to force your laptop to use the dedicated 660m graphics. this game has a problem with making laptops switch from integrated to dedicated graphics when the game starts. i had to do the same thing as i have the exact same laptop as you. just go into the nvidia control panel and make dedicated graphics forced.

I made an account just to bump this thread and say that completely solved my problems. After I switched to the dedicated chip it works no problem at all max settings.

I almost guarantee that is more a problem with the Unity framework than the game.

Thank you SO much.
First person to give me a straight answer that actually helped, now i can play what i paid for!

If only there was some way to search this planetary interwebs for answers…