Unbind fog from draw distance = atmosphere

This kind of falls in line with the ‘unsuck the environment’ goal. For those of you that have tried adjusting your draw distance before will have noticed that the fog is always at the edge of your draw, so if you have your draw maxed, you only see this out past the ocean. If you reduce your draw distance to very low values (less than 300) you actually see the fog very close. The atmospheric and environmental effect this fog has is REALLY cool. When I first played on low draw distance for a bit, I remember thinking how it felt very ‘Silent Hill’. You couldn’t see very far, and at a certain point the fog became too thick to see past.

I feel like having the fog untied from the drawdistance and dynamically change based on the climate/altitude would add a LOT of eerie and spooky settings, especially in forest/swamps/frozen mountain peaks. I’m imagining this fog drawing on a range of 80-400, where it can get close enough to effect near visibility but not TOO close, and far enough that it wouldn’t really be noticeable or would at least seem natural on more of a beach/sunny bright day type setting.
Best In-game examples I could muster: