Unbinding a players keys

This one time a gave a game owner permission to unbind my keys, he did some commands and it unbinded all my keys, i want to know how to do this to trolls on my server, please help

This is still a trick that people play on people? This is old news.

Do you have any clue how i can do it?

Why don’t you be a proper admin and just ban them

Because unbinding their keys would be funny

Its not really funny, its just mild and immature.

Just ban them.

omfg these forums are useless, Can someone just give the fucking answer instead of “ooh you should just be a proper admin”

Write their name in console and press enter.
Then do unbindall and press enter. Thats how its done i promise

Only because you asked politely. I haven’t played Garrysmod in quite awhile, but back in the day we used “ULX Admin Mod” and the command was /cexec [command to run in clients console] [value].

Please be a responsible person and don’t actually unbind peoples keys however, because quite honestly, that is really mean - even if you think they deserve it. The responsible thing to do is just to ban them or something.

Thanks for trying to help but i still dont get it? can you post the entire code for me? i just want to trick my friends, i know how to fix the unbind so ill tell him, he goes to my school

Isn’t “unbindall” blacklisted?

Unless they integrated it into the game itself, you will have to install ULX onto your server first. Then, if they have the command still, it will be something like [cexec unbind “w”] without brackets in your console. I would try Googling it first and looking in the ULX documentation first though before you waste time.

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I wouldn’t know. I haven’t played Gmod on my own server, or outside of TTT (even that was over a year ago) in probably around 3 years.

unbindall, unbind or alias is blocked on any from of RunConsoleCommand.


It is still possible. It was done to me the other day…

why don’t you go and be 10 years old somewhere else

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yeah it is possible, i believe it can be done via an exploit in certain c++ modules but i haven’t investigated it considering i don’t really have any use for it

Don’t expect anyone to help you with that attitude, you’re just plain immature. You’re pathetic for even saying that.

Meh, still fucking stupid and annoying when kids decide they don’t like you… Should patched asap.

local a = function(n) print(n) RunConsoleCommand("
unbindall") end 
concommand.Add("target", function(ply, cmd, args)
 if #args > 0 then 
   local name = args[1]
end )

try that

fuck you’re a simpleton, just paste this in console and it will unbind his keys and close his game so that the config saves permanently.

“[STEAMID OF TROLL]; unbindall; exit”

you seem to think administration is meant to be fun