Unbinding commands?

Is it possible to unbind bound commands? As a server owner, I bound the ent kill command to “q” for easy access. bad move. Turns out I’m hella clumsy, and end up destroying important pieces of my own base. Is it possible to unbind the command?

not sure if there is a command for it… but what you can do is bind a new key to Q in the options menu… like “Forward” and then just change it back to W… that should clear it… or you can open your steam folder and find the config and clear it there and save the file

solved thanks, I just bound it to a nonexistent command

Just go into options and under the keymap tab press reset to default. It will reset back to the original keymap.

I am unsure if that includes mappings for commands not in the keymapping list, like for instance I use noclip when moderating, but that its definately not included on the key’s list for any user. I have to bind and/or unbind that through console.

It does. I use keymap for noclip also. It reset ALL keybinds even custom ones