Unblock Lua_Openscript on Client.

I’ve been looking through the .dll section of this board and I saw that a few people released custom console command running DLL’s, but at the request of some people for security reasons, the features were removed so that clients cannot be exploited by servers who force this .dll on them.

There is no possible way for me to finish an addon I’m working on to help developers, without me being able to call the console command “lua_openscript_cl” clientside through Lua. I’m not particularly savvy with .dll’s and the workings that go into them, but from my knowledge of GLua I would imagine there must be some way that console commands can be unblocked from the RunConsoleCommand or pl.ConCommand functions, without allowing these special functions to be called by the server.

I apologize if I sound like I’m rambling but I’m trying to be as accurate and descriptive as I can v:v:v

Anyway, as naive as this must sound, I’d greatly appreciate if someone could create such a .dll for not only myself, but for others who have been stopped in their tracks by the inability to call “lua_openscript_cl” clientside.

include() ?

Care to elaborate more on how include() can help me run “lua_openscript_cl” via a clientside Lua script?

Know that include is a function that will run the lua file you give it, which is exactly what you want.

SO instead of running lua_openscript_cl, you would just open the file directly.

Eugh… I have a headache from facepalming so hard… Thanks then, I can’t believe I didn’t… Meh.

Damn this mind of mine :doh: