Unborrow Flag - Antlion Guard on Spawn

As I’ve seen on the Valve Developer Wiki here and here:

The antlion has a function to unborrow itself when spawned; how can I trigger this via Lua? I’m trying to make an Antlion Guard spawn and unborrow itself from the ground when it does to create a smooth transition. I couldn’t find any documentation on the Wiki or previous threads here.


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I might have read your post wrong, perhaps this might work?

[lua]ent:SetKeyValue( “spawnflags”, 2048 )[/lua]

2048 corresponds to “Template NPC: This entity is a template for the npc_template_maker. It will not spawn automatically and cannot be used with point_template.”, as mentioned on the wiki page.

Both don’t work.

Andlion guard has a KEYVALUE for start burrowed, not a spawnflag, so you go to hl2 or base.fgd, check whatever string valve use for “Start Burrowed” keyvalue and use Ent:SetKeyValue( k, v ) and then fire “Unborrow”.

Found the correct keyvalue, firing Unborrow doesn’t work.

Wouldn’t it be Unburrow?

Still doesn’t work, although you’re right.

You are doing it wrong. Show your code.

local function InitalizeBeast()
local beast = ents.Create( “npc_antlionguard” )
–local spawn = table.Random(ents.FindByClass(“info_player_deathmatch”)):GetPos()
beast:SetPos( Vector(25.577255, 1233.858154, 128.031250) )
beast:SetHealth( 1000 )
beast:SetKeyValue( “startburrowed”, 1 )
beast:Fire( “Unburrow” )

I’ve also tried reordering where I fire Unburrow. As it stands, when I execute this function with startburrowed set to one nothing happens and I don’t see the antlion. When I set startburrowed to 0 it spawns in instantly like normal.

You gotta fire the input after you spawn it.

I tried that as well no joy.

Have you tried to add a timer that fires the input like half a second to a second after it spawns?