Unboxing Addon Bug


I downloaded the Blue’s Unboxing Addon (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1481681) that he released for free after some stuff happening that if you want to know go on his thread.

But I installed in my server and when I was testing a guy gave me 1000000000000 keys and that made my keys bug ( its showing -32768 keys) so now I can’t open cases and I don’t know how to reset the addon because I tried to delete the one I had and readd one from the winrar folder restart the server but it didn’t work ( I dont know if thats a bug or not ) and there is nothing in the data folder so I wanted to know if someone could tell me where I can reset the addon or how I can remove my keys.

He is not supporting people that downloaded the addon from his facepunch thread so my last option was to ask here.

Don’t use bad addons

What you mean with dont use bad addons ?

The addon gives the client more power than it should ever need. Additonally the error you have explained just proves how it shouldn’t really be used if it’s that exploitable.

Ok still I want to keep the addon in the server because I a lot of players liked it, so I still want to fix that.

If it’s not stored in the data folder then it will be in the sv.db file.

Removing this will work, but you will also probably wipe much more stuff.

I could ask blue about it. He can’t really work on the addon for additional features but he said he would if there was a bug that broke it.

Well, i might as well update this to the scriptfodder version as blues unboxing 2 is out. And yes, The data is stored in sv.db. Just get a simple database browser to edit/modify anything.

Go re-download the addon, It should fix any problems you were having plus exploits.

Thank you, Do you suggest me any .db browser to edit ? And What do I need to edit ? I really liked your addon

Just so you know he run a function to do that, I have limits on it. Neither does that make it exploitable? I Agree that the free version is not perfect, Which is why its free. But I feel like you have no idea what you are on about and just decided to jump on the “This script is shit and has exploits” bus.

My problem was with the admin was testing and he gave me 10000000000 keys, I still think the addon is good, and I never saw someone exploiting it. And for a free addon is a really good one.

Thank you ! ( I saw the second version of the addon and I think its awesome! I might buy it later when I get more players on my server.)

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Where is that sv.db at?

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Found it

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What is the name of the data thing inside the sv.db I opened it and there is a lot of things but can’t find one with Blue’s Unboxing or something like that. And you told me to re-download the addon right ?