Unbreakable Spirits

Dedicated to the 11.2 million Soviet soldiers who lost their lives during WWII.

Out of them 11.2 million soldiers who died, we see one dead.

How poetic.

Loving the carpet bomb run by those Heinkels.

Ju-88s you mean :hist101:

I love the dark and brooding atmosphere here. I can’t help but think the dark-tones are a little overly prevalent… I’d say the contrast is too high but there aren’t enough light-tones for that to be true.

Anyways, awesome picture. My only little nitpick would be that the blood under the shadow looks too bright (the shadow is pretty much 100% black but the blood is relatively bright).

The red sign with the “X” on it is clipping with the ground, the smoke in the background doesn’t look anything like smoke. The blood under the dead soldier’s head looks like strawberry jam, colorwise. The bullet hits are too light and generally look out of place.

Other than that, great picture.

Smooth tones of color :smiley:

Could be that the rubble fell onto the Sign?

Looks great. I love the orangish background.

The surroundings look nothing like WWII architecture.
I like what you did with the background.

Tss tsss tsss : http://www.facepunch.com/threads/986726-ATTN-FACEPUNCH-THE-REAL-WORLD-IS-NOT-BROWN-(handy-hints-contained-within

Just kidding I love the overall atmosphere!

“When you kill one… It is a tragedy. When you kill ten million, it is a statistic.”

  • Stalin from Red Alert 1 -

Good atmosphere, but buildings needs to be more russian like and rubble needs more rubble like elements.


I like everything on the right side of the picture. The fellow reloading looks a little strange to me. Very unnatural, if you will. The soldier sprinting and the dead fellow and the lighting/composition is p nice though

You may not like CoD, but I think you’ll find this music fitting…

I was actually listening to this:

Dean - the sprinting pose is probably one of my favourite I’ve done so far. :buddy:

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LFW, I loved CoD, CoD UO and CoD 2. It’s the games after them I hate.

see those planes in the bg? those things falling from them?


that’s the crew.

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also yeah the right side has an excellent usage of depth thanks to the fog (everybody forgets about fog: sdof isn’t everything so props)